Coriolis GmbH aus Bielefeld

Innovation Enhancer or Pioneer status: which one is your starting point?

Our expertise in the various dimensions of innovation in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America incorporates the traditional technological/digital aspects against the culture and socio-political background of an environment.

From start-up, small, medium and global organizations and governments we have been involved in all type of adaptability and enhancement requirements for future-oriented competitiveness.

With creativity as the root spark of every innovation, all services are built upon and driven by the creativity dimension as it applies to the selected service against the backdrop of possible constraint & controlled creativity & innovation organizational cultures.


(IG) Innovation Governance

- Driving innovation agility with an underlying and established system for success assurance
- Roles of the board, top management and innovation leaders
- Setting up protocols and process for
o legitimizing / limiting roles of the various players
o establishing overreaching goals for effectiveness and efficiency
o proposing methods for handling conflict resolution
o guaranteeing deliverables
o making innovation processes future-proof

(MF) Mindflex: applying brain & behavioral science to:

- establish, develop and enhance the mental creativity requirements
- assess the mindset for the different objectives
- determine organizational procedures vis-à-vis competitiveness
- train, develop and coach for impactful outcomes – for individuals and teams

(OI) Operational Incorporation reflected in policies & procedures by:

- establishing protocols for leadership and management
- reformatting processes addressing innovation for human well-being while ensuring effectiveness and efficiency
- co-developing C&I SOPs (Creativity & Innovation Standard Operating Procedures)

(M&A) Measurement & Audit towards Key Impact Indicators (KIIs)

- translating KIIs into their Key Achievement and Key Performance Elements
- reflecting time, energy and material investments in line with innovation goals
- assuring the balanced mix between talent and wisdom requirements

(UA) Unconventional Applications applied to:

- internal personnel behavioral alignments and enhancements
- stakeholder engagements
- market communication plans
- outside-the-norm processes

(P&G) Positioning & Globalization

- external branding / image objectives
o adapting to unique local perception filters
o for competitiveness beyond the ‘packaging’ focus
o off-the-structured-grid activities (pioneering)
- internal branding / image objectives
o innovative leadership vis-à-vis management approaches
o staff well-being as a driving factor as the core root for any strategy
- establishing towards global innovation status protocols and processes